Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Over Myself

I care, some may say too much, about what other people think about me. Not all people really. Just the people who I really admire, care about, like, love, respect, etc. This includes a lot of people. I worry about what they think about my choices, decisions, actions, comments, etc. It is exhausting and sad. Why I do care so much? Well, I want people to like me. This does not mean that I am a "people-pleaser," rather, it means that I like who I am, I'm just terrified and fearful that others do not. And I'm sure that other people are sick of stepping on egg shells around me and my delicate ego and mushy emotions. I have one friend who is the one to tell me how great I am and how ridiculous I am being when I am worried that someone doesn't like me, get me, love me, want me, respect me, etc. It goes on. But, this friend has told me that I have gotten better. That my worry is at a much more normal scale than where it was a few years ago. She said that I am gaining self confidence and self esteem in areas of my life where it was lacking and she said it shows. This was what I needed to hear today when I was concerned about what a woman, whom I respect very much, was thinking about me. I needed to hear that this woman likes me and respects me. And it must all come down to ego. The ego that I constantly try to smash. And it often rears it's ugly little ego head. And then I must remember to crush it again. I know that wanting others to like us is an important part of our development and part of being a social creature, I just wish that life didn't hurt so much sometimes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drinking a cold beer and other musings.

So, I am cranky. Super duper crankpants. I'm sure that it is not the first time. I am drinking an ice cold beer to ease my crankiness.
These are my musings:
I want people to smush, smash, shatter their egos. I want people to communicate with others from place of love, even if they don't love each other. I want people to put aside their feelings of feeling slighted and begin to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is this: not just us. not just me and not just you. It is about the well being of our world. I know, seems rather lofty and heady, but I mean it. Japan. Haiti. Laws of telling undocumented people to leave a safe place. Denying human rights for all humans. Allowing the Earth to fill up with our trash. All of these things that occur around us all of the time and I feel powerless. I try so hard to treat all with kindness and compassion and I know that I am feisty as hell a bunch of the time, but it is all with good intentions to stand in my soap box, to protect and advocate for others, to fight the good fight. And I guess sometimes I just feel cranky. And I guess this has to be ok. S may feel differently since she has to live with it. Ha!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The girls are here!

We brought home our girls yesterday. They were born on Wednesday! They are soooooo sweet and cute and delicate. Right now they are living in the guest room because it is a little chilly here (by Florida standards). They will move into the garage this week. After 5 weeks or so they will be ready to move into their coop. This whole process is pretty wonderful. They already have their own little personalities. Meet the girls:
The two Buff Orpington's are Enley and Scout and the Maren is Gilmore:

This is Gilmore, she is a Maren and will be laying dark brown, organic eggs in a few months!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chicken picking!

We are picking up our girls tomorrow! Stay tuned for adorable pictures of our new baby chicks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

My first go at making rosesttes! and a few random pics!

Gettin' crafty! I think I burned by fingertips off....At one point, S yelled from the other room, "I think you should take a break so you still have fingers left!"so I put the glue gun down for a bit and then went back to it and perfected my rosette making technique! Viola!

My sweet girl out to breakie at The Pelican! Yummmma!



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feed and more

Well, the coop is done (except I must stain it) and the organic chick starter has arrived and the chicks have been ordered! All set! Except I haven't finished reading the Keep Chickens book yet. I have read many, many blogs on keeping chickens and talked with people so I am feeling fairly confident.

Other things on the home front- both S and I are feeling "off" and even though we both don't know exactly what that means, we are doing well. We are just extra tired, extra crabby, and extra antsy. Maybe a good, long bike ride todaybwill set us straight (gay-er)!

On the crafty front- I made rosettes for the first time last night and even though I thoroughly burned off many of my fingertips with the glue gun, the rosettes look amazing! I am super impressed with myself. I will post pics later.

On the wedding front- I went to the tailor yesterday to try on the dress and it fits beautifully...the seamstress is fixing one little spot and I can pick it up on Tuesday. I can't post pictures of the dress on here because S reads the blog. Sorry! But, I will post tons of pictures after the wedding!

Ok, off for more coffee and some snuggling with my girl and our fur babies! Happy Sunday, y'all!