Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pain-what is it good for?

I have been absent from blogging the past few weeks for many reasons, all of which, lead to the cause of my pain. Simply stated: I do too much and I don't listen to my body enough. I listen to the constant, silly, coaxing, enticing chatter that goes on in the gray matter between my ears. I like things around me to be perfect. House, school, writing, work, everything, everything, everything. And, apparently, I go to extreme lengths to ensure that perfection has a chance. In reality, I am far from perfect. I am the opposite of perfect, actually. The pain that I have been feeling has forced me to slowwwww downnnnn, to take meds that I hate to take, to stay in one place, to sit still and just be. Ugh, to just be is a task of amazing will power but I have proven to myself that sitting still for 2 and 1/2 days is possible, albeit odd for me, and something that I will be practicing more often in order to nurture my body and mind.

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