Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our home...some befores, durings, and now. Specifically the kitchen and bedroom.

Bedroom peeks:
So, when we first moved in, the bedroom floor had carpet. Ech. Used carpet makes me want to vomit. Strong reaction. I know. But, the idea that other people's skin cells are all up in there grosses me out. And I am not easily grossed out. Believe it.
So, we had Penelope (more about Penelope in a bit) pull up the carpet within hours of closing on the house. He then patched the wood, sub-floor and then painted it white. Ahhhhhh. Blissful white bedroom floor. How dreamy. No. It turned into a mess of a disaster. Within a few days, and our five dogs going in and out of the back yard, through our bedroom, the floor was FILTHY! Having the housekeeper come every week as opposed to every other was not in our budget and niether S nor I are big into mopping. So....we had the floor re-done. Viola.
See? White floor.

Bye white floor.

Some little pics of our bedroom:

And a peek into our closet. We came out long ago-so funny, I kill me! We recently had some shelving put in. Again, the amazing Penelope's handy work!

The kitchen:
These pics are mostly from the walk-through, the day of closing. I have a few more pics from when I first saw the house and holy, freakin' whoa! It was baddddddd (imagine the first picture and times it by 1 million)! Too many wolves howling at the moon on too many blankets, shower curtains and rugs! (I cannot even tell you how difficult it was to take down those dusty as all get out fake ivy from above the window. They were SCREWED in!!! I had to get the drill out!

Ok, so Penelope is the BEST carpenter around. He is amazing and talented and a major perfectionist! He has done every single project that we have hired out for in this house. He made the pantry, did all of the counter-tops, the wainscoting, installed our outdoor shower (shhhh, don't tell code enforcement), did all of the crown molding, built one of our decks, and will be assisting (actually, I will be the assistant) in the making of our chicken coop!
Here is Penel in all of his glory!

After many trips to Goodwill over the years, I have finally collected my dream kitchen decor. All vintage-y and sweet!

Any new re-dos in your homes? Share! This means you, KMH (since I believe that you are the only one who reads this)!

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