Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photoshop and blogging

So, I now have the newest version of photoshop and a heck of a lot of desire to learn how to use it effectively for blogging. I have already learned how to add text, mess with the pixel/resolution, and a few little things to do with photos. I have ordered a new mouse b/c I am not able to use my track pad very well with photoshop. Not sure why this is....I see KMH do it and she does it just fine (super talented lady)! I guess I am still so very new to it (and am completely learning through watching videos on youtube). I have also done a bunch of research on the Bamboo tablet and may be getting one of those soon, too. I am still trying to figure what all I need/want/have to have to be able to do what I want with my blog. I am giving myself the next few months to really get this going...find it's direction, purpose, meaning. Fashion? Decorating? Life? House renovating? All of the above? I guess we will all see how this evolves. Ha...that sentence made me laugh. Since there are just SO many of you following this blog. I mean, really! ;) Hold on to your seats, peeps.

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