Sunday, November 13, 2011

Planning and Manifesting and Enough

I wish that I could let you into my synapses for a small bit. Five minutes would be enough. Well, maybe it wouldn't be close to long enough but anything is better than nothing. Our weekend away did our hearts and minds good. We planned and dreamed. We decided that although we are happy, we aren't happy enough. We are alright with our live and our home but as I noted in the last post, we just aren't thrilled with flat Florida. The close proximity of neighbors is annoying. So, we have made a semblance of a plan. We know that we must stick it out here for at least 3 years, possibly even 5. The house is great as it is and will give us quite a profit in a few years. This also gives us time to learn all about fiber farming (sheep, etc.) and decide where we will move. I am also applying to teach at the college nearby to give me a bit of extra practice in teaching and I will also be submitting my writing. Shocker! I. Me. Yes, me. I will be sending in some of my fiction and Creative Non Fiction to publications. Soon. I even have permission from one of my old professors to name drop which I hope helps. We'll see. The etsy business is also doing quite well so I will be working on stocking it up more and doing some advertising to get more traffic. Also, as if I wasn't busy enough (there is that word again...enough), I will be teaching myself yarn spinning and plan to sell the yarn on my etsy shop. I am getting some wool from a friend soon from here shetland sheep that she sheared herself. I have a stack of books en route to our house on farming, sheep, goats, and alpacas so we can begin to make our decisions. So far we are leaning towards sheep.

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