Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feed and more

Well, the coop is done (except I must stain it) and the organic chick starter has arrived and the chicks have been ordered! All set! Except I haven't finished reading the Keep Chickens book yet. I have read many, many blogs on keeping chickens and talked with people so I am feeling fairly confident.

Other things on the home front- both S and I are feeling "off" and even though we both don't know exactly what that means, we are doing well. We are just extra tired, extra crabby, and extra antsy. Maybe a good, long bike ride todaybwill set us straight (gay-er)!

On the crafty front- I made rosettes for the first time last night and even though I thoroughly burned off many of my fingertips with the glue gun, the rosettes look amazing! I am super impressed with myself. I will post pics later.

On the wedding front- I went to the tailor yesterday to try on the dress and it fits beautifully...the seamstress is fixing one little spot and I can pick it up on Tuesday. I can't post pictures of the dress on here because S reads the blog. Sorry! But, I will post tons of pictures after the wedding!

Ok, off for more coffee and some snuggling with my girl and our fur babies! Happy Sunday, y'all!

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