Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She said, "I've been killing zombies all night."

So, Shaun is home, on the couch, zoned out, playing a Wii video game in which she is killing zombies. Now, I am NOT a fan of video games to begin with, nor am I a fan of violence, but her comments while playing are cracking me up! Now, does she LOOK like a zombie killer?

I just got home from cutting my friend's hair. You know how sometimes you meet someone and then you think, "huh, how did I not have this person in my life before?" I think this often about many of my friends and it never ceases to amaze me that I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many strong and brilliant women. One thing that this particular friend has said to me many times is: "change your thinking." This small sentence has truly shifted the way in which I process things. It is so true...sometimes we just have to alter our thoughts and by doing this, we can create something positive from something troubling and/or painful.
Picture of Marsha and I at an art show last summer:

Every night I go to each of my favorite blogs...Here are some links. Enjoy!!! this one, this one, too, yup-love this one, and I'm a big fan of this, and this.

I am lucky to have a very creative friend, Kristin, who has this blog that I frequent for inspiration. Kristin is an artist, an art professor, a fabulous friend and a wonderful neighbor! She and I both bought our first (and probably forever) homes this past summer and we often get together and talk design, thrifting, art and our ever-crazy schedules and supporting each other in finding balance in all that we love to do.
Kristin and I...At Havana Hideouts, eating tacos and drinking triple berry sangria:

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  1. Such a sweet post!
    A while back, I had written a reminder on a post it. It was about needing to bring money to something or not, but I forgot all about it and kept it for a long time because I loved it's other meaning:
    Don't worry about change