Friday, February 19, 2010

To do: drink coffee and write

Good morning!
Working from home today, and then writing (revision of a short story due this weekend), and setting up for a conference that I am presenting at tomorrow. Oh, joy! So much to do. And then, this weekend is STREET PAINTING FESTIVAL!
I have gone to the festival every year for the past 15? years. I have pictures on my computer from last year's fest and I will try to post some later today. The handy man is on his way over to give me an estimate for installing the outdoor shower. Shaun thinks I am nuts to want to shower outdoors. Ha! It is bliss I tell you, pureeee bliss!!!!
Any one else like to shower outdoors?

Here is a picture of Zenny in the guest room. The canopy is vintage and I bought it at Goodwill a few years ago, knowing that it would be lovely hung above the bed! Bed spread at foot of bed from Anthropolgie. Book case: Goodwill

Last night we had dinner at my mom's house. She made an incredible salad with kale (who knew?!) and mac and cheese from scratch with Coastal Cheddar cheese...omg, yum! I had cold Stella with a slice of honey-bell orange. Amazing! Thanks, mom!

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