Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog! This will be a place for me to link you to some of my favorite blogs that I read, posting pictures from decorating and renovating my 1925 house, writing about foods, thrifted finds and other things about my life. My goal is to post daily, some days more than once, but, we shall see!

Here is a few pictures from re-doing my library. Being a rather big book lover, I always knew that once I bought a home, I would have a library! The chairs, rug, pillow, table and throw blanket are from Ikea. The black, chipped paint desk is a vintage find from Goodwill, the knobs are from Anthropologie, the green vase on the floor is from Marshalls, the chandelier is from Lowes (I HATE wires! I made a wire cover for the wires coming down from the ceiling and ceiling medallion from thick black fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics), the cabinetry was built by my handy-person, the paint is all Valspar in eggshell (I will write the color name next time) for the walls, and semi-gloss in Beluga for the inside of the shelving, the white is called Muslin white and it is used on all trim, including the wainscoting and the crown moulding.
A large round mirror will be hung later this week, as well as two amazzzzzing thrifted pieces of art.


  1. Congrats on new blog and BEAUTIFUL new library! Looks cozy, warm, scholarly and perfect for tea and curling up. A reno well-done and well designed. xoxo, your neighborly K.

  2. Thanks, my dearest K! Loving the space and loving the neighborhood!

  3. Gorgeous Elise! When I buy a house will you come decorate mine?

  4. I love how you've done up your library. It looks very sophisticated and like a great place to read. Brilliant job!!!